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The new Canaries boss was unveiled earlier this month, and arrives at Carrow Road with assistant Colin Calderwood and first team coach Paul Trollope from Birmingham City in tow.

The trio is currently expected to join forces with Paul Lambert's old management team of Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa in City's extended backroom set up.

Hughton had also been linked with the vacancy at Premier League rivals West Bromwich Albion, who were reportedly less keen on attracting his right hand men.

He now has a bit of time before welcoming his new players back from their breaks for the start of pre season training early next month, and he admitted he is glad to have Calderwood and Trollope by his side again.

"It was important not the most important thing, I'd have to say, but yes it was important and it allows me to start on a footing that my coaches know," said Hughton.

"They know how I work. Colin has worked with me for a longer period of time; Paul Trollope has worked with me over the last season and we certainly had enough games last year and had to do enough work last season that he is very voiced in the way that I work.

"So that was very important for me, because what we all want to do is we all want to start "Anadrol 50" off on a good footing. We all want to do well and if you have got that familiarity around you I think that gives you a little bit of a head start."

The trio saw Birmingham through more than 60 games last season as the 2010 11 Carling Anavar 1 Hour Before Workout Cup winners enjoyed a successful Europa League campaign that took them into the group stages, on top of the usual 46 match Championship rigours.

And while Hughton saw the benefits of so many competitive outings, he acknowledged he will be grateful for the extra headroom offered by a 38 game Premier League term.

"The European campaign we had last season was the reason we played so "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" many games and strangely enough, I think that actually helped the squad rather than hindered it but it was an awful lot of games," added Hughton.

"What fewer games does do as a coach and as a manager, it allows you to assess the games and allows you to close down the games and look at things a little more clearly perhaps.

"When last season we were playing on average two games a week right through, then most of your time during the weeks is spent in preparation for the team, playing games, recovery and "Anaboliset Aineet" then preparation again. Well see. Villa trolls would have us believe that those two gents are beavering away on "Anaboliset Aineet" behalf of their old Boss, undermining Chris Hughton, right under the nose of that obtuse Norwich CEO. Now we all know that Mr. NcNally is not an astute operator, dont we? You dont like Ciclo Primobolan Depot Deca Durabolin Massive Mercian Meat Mountains, do you, Timbo? It sort of Anavar Just Cardio shows a little, sometimes, already. Couldnt you have made it Lamb Chops, just for me? Or even Karate Chops. ; )

Kevin Barnbrook, dont get too complacent. When ethering happens to you, "buy cheap jintropin online" youll find it very annoying. Sometimes perfectly good notices disappear and weeks later I get an e mail to say it has been rejected. Reason: "other"! An the "Offensive" filter seems to be a bit arbitrary too, witness the muck getting through from the Villa invader. Back to football. I agree with canarydownunder and get on with squad matters for next season. I have faith in Chris Hughton; he may be on holiday but I bet hes not, if you see what I mean. The Culverhouse>Karsa scenario is intriguing. As much as Id love to see Cully stay, I cant help feeling, like cdu, that this is a charade. Hope Im wrong. OTBC.

I am just wondering, how a team of 5 (Chris Houghton, Colin Calderwood, Paul trollope, Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa) would work, is it usual for a team to have that many, which i dont know?

I would guess they would all have a valuable role, but is it a sign to say that Chris Hughton is going to sign a few more players in order to keep them all busy?

Oh and also Mad Brewer, Timbo et al. I have never had a message "ethered" i suppose the less you moan about a message not posting and get on with it, the better. Most of the comments i read, well 75% are about being "ethered", who cares??!!!??

Anyway guys and girls!! Bring on 201213 OTBC IHWT

So trying once more: for me the good news is that it appears Culvehouse and Karsa are staying to work with Hughton, Calderwood and Trollope. This will make for a formidable team and will be such a benefit to City!! And I hope this will encourage Grant Holt to work out his differences and remain with the club. And I believe that once CH is back from his hols he will add some class signings; so bringing depth and strength to the squad ready for the new season. The future is certainly looking good!!